Real Talk Ryan Jespersen

January 17, 2022 - If Omicron is Actually Mild, Why Are AB Hospitals Slammed?; Toxic Positivity

January 17, 2022

13:51 | Alberta-based physicians Dr. Neeja Bakshi and Dr. Shazma Mithani discuss the Omicron wave, why they don't refer to the variant as "mild", and how it's resulting in dire outcomes in hospitals and on health care staff.   

51:54 | Psychotherapist Whitney Goodman encourages people to not be positive all the time and why that's good for our mental health. She details the problem of being upbeat at all costs in her new book, Toxic Positivity.

1:24:26 | Positive Reflections | Ryan looks at the bright side of life with some help from some polar bears and sheep. Presented by Kuby Energy

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