Real Talk

July 21, 2021 - Privatizing Forests; Right-Wing Extremism; Vaccine Passports; Crypto Sustainability

July 21, 2021

6:03 | Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's Becky Best-Bertwistle explains why the sudden privatization of forest management in southwest Alberta by the provincial government, is very concerning.

25:30 | Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council doctoral scholar Aden Dur-e-Aden examines the recruitment of individuals within the radical right-wing groups in Canada.

1:01:11 | Health and science policy expert Dr. Ubaka Ogbogu explores why are vaccine passports aren't a good idea and the legal issues implementation could cause.

1:35:36 | #MyJasper Memories | Child-Friendly Adventures - Ryan shares the many ways kids can get out into the great outdoors throughout Jasper National Park.

1:38:47 | Kuby Renewable Energy's Jake Kubiski and Bitcoin Well CEO Adam O’Brien chat on the energy demand of crypto currency and strides toward sustainability.

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