Real Talk Ryan Jespersen

March 11, 2022 - Russian Invasion & Coutts Blockade Signs of New World Order; Oil Prices on the Rise

March 11, 2022

4:25 | Ryan and the team discuss a new poll on the Conservative leadership race. It found Pierre Poilievre is the favourite amongst Conservative voters to lead the federal party.

11:06 | Dr. Andy Knight on what the Coutts border blockade, January 6th insurrection, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine indicates there is a new world order in the making.

40:26 | #RealTalkRoundTable | Economist Dr. Kent Fellows and journalist Tim Querengesser discuss high oil prices and their impacts on Canadians' bottom-lines, Alberta government's coffers, and the auto industry. 

#TrashTalk | Ryan let's it rip on Real Talker emails about what's pissing 'em off this week. Presented by Local Environmental.

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