Real Talk Ryan Jespersen

March 14, 2022 - ”Freedom” Counter-Protester & Calgary Police; Russia & Cyber Warfare; Rural AB Dr

March 14, 2022

4:04 | Calgary Beltline resident Meaghan Walsh on weekly  “freedom” demonstrations taking over 17th Avenue in south-central Calgary on Saturday afternoons, why counter-protestors are starting to show up, and the local police's uneven response to the different sides.

18:15 | Computer scientist Dr. Ryan Henry on the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Consortium, and the need for it as cyber warfare is being waged by Russia, and other actors. 

47:56 | Rural Alberta physician Dr. Brad Martin shares about becoming quite the grump during the pandemic and how he found a way passed it with the help of his family and Real Talk. 

61:10 |#QuestionoftheWeek | Ryan reviews Real Talkers' takes on the most recent survey about current affairs, including International Women's Day, Russia invading Ukraine, and Alberta removing the gas tax. Presented by Y Station.

#PositiveReflections | A look at the positive side of life. Presented by Kuby Energy.

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