Real Talk Ryan Jespersen

March 8, 2022 - Women War Criminals; What Defines Womanhood Round Table

March 8, 2022

2:17 | Ryan and Sarah review the news headlines including Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney having a block party on Twitter where he stopped many Albertans from accessing his account.

11:50 | Wilfrid Laurier University's Dr. Izabela Steflja on how war affects women from the battlefield to the home front, and their ability to commit war crimes.

32:46 | #TheLeadingEdge | The first centre of its kind in Canada, The Zebra Centre, supports kids who have experienced abuse, using a continuum of multi-disciplinary resources. Presented by Leading Edge Physio.

34:45 | An International Women's Day discussion about what defines womanhood, with transgender advocate Marni Panas, breast cancer survivor Christina Belding, and childless woman expert Melanie Notkin.

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